Tokyo-Istanbul Meeting @ PÜRistanbul !!!

230717 Tokyo-Istanbul Meeting @ PURistanbul

Saat / Time : 14:00 – 19:30
Yer / Place :PÜR Istanbul
Adres / Address : Asmalımescit Mahallesi, Jurnal Sokak, No: 2, 34430 Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey
Tel / Phone : (0212) 236 1652

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Jun Kawasaki, Aya, and Choi JaeChol travel from Tokyo and meet Saadet Türköz (Zurich), Şevket Akıncı, Sumru Agiryuruyen, and Orçun Baştürk at PUR in Asmalimescit for an afternoon of Free Improvization!

Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory |音楽詩劇研究所 are in Istanbul on their way from Buryat Republic (Russia) to Ukraine as part of their Baikal and Black Sea Project 2017 (see below for details).

Jun Kawasaki (contrabass)
Aya (Butoh dance)
Choi JaeChol (Korean percussion)
Saadet Turkoz (vocal)
Şevket Akıncı (guitar)
Sumru Ağıryürüyen (vocal)
Orçun Baştürk (percussion)

INVITATION: For the 3rd set, other artists (musicians, dancers, actors) are invited to join in to improvise together.

Sunday, July 23, 2017
1st set: 14:00 – 15:00
2nd Set: 15:30 – 17:30
3rd Set: 18:00 – 19:30 – Free session with Guests

Music charge: None. Open to Donations.

Food & Drinks: We’ll have sake, green tea, and miso soup from Japan as well as Turkish food and drinks.

Presented by:
PÜR Istanbul:
Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory (音楽詩劇研究所):

Supported by Arts Council Tokyo:

Jun Kawasaki:
Choi JaeChol:
Saadet Turkoz:
Şevket Akıncı:
Sumru Ağıryürüyen:
Orçun Baştürk:


Baikal Project and Black Sea Project 2017 – On the Road to New Eurasian Opera – “The end does not end“ Directed and Composed by Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Project

Eurasian opera = Collection of mythology in the 21th century = Magic realism of North East Asia

“The end does not end” – Jun Kawasaki, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory’s contemporary music theatre – features a blend of contemporary choreography, modern compositions, improvisation and traditional music. We have a project creating a new Asian MUSIC AND POETIC DRAMA that embraces essences of Japanese traditional musical theater (i.e. Noh) or new dance (i.e. Butoh dance), and it is different from ballet or opera in Western Europe.

In 2015, Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory performed a theatre music “the end does not end” in the 100th anniversary of birth of Tadeusz Kantor at Theatre X, Tokyo. In 2016, we performed this theatre music as a Eurasian Opera in Armenia (Caucasus project), Russia (Moscow meeting) with impromptu musicians and singer who sing traditional music of her own country.

In 2017, this theatre music altered differently by Jun Kawasaki’s new composition with chamber music. After premier we are going to perform it in Buryat Republic, Turkey, and Ukraine, and have performances in this September in Tokyo. Welcome to this premiere and watch a moment in which new piece will be created.

We are singing collection of mythology in the 21th century based on modern Chinese novel that describes about life of minority, nomadic, and hunting race who lived in border between Russia China, two World Wars, Russian Revolution, establishment of People’s Republic of China, and customs such as language and shamanism that being lost. This theatre music is constructed by songs and unique chorus system, and based on many locality and life of minority groups. According to a certain kind point of view, it can connect to modern Latin American Arts such as García Marchez and could be called Magic realism of North East Asia.

There has been Silk Road on Eurasian Continent from ancient times. We will be Marebito (visitors from afarworld), going and making new ways. Encounters of the Far East music, Asian music, and European music are making new Eurasian ways.


JUN KAWASAKI (Composer, Director, Double bass player)

Born in Tokyo,1975. He has performed with many distinguished musicians in and out of Japan. Kawasaki has also composed and performed extensively for theater, dance and Buto about 80 pieces,as a musical director. His major works include music for Camille Claudel,Kenji Miyazawa and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (a dance piece conceived and choreographed by Senrei Nishikawa, a traditional Japanese dancer), About 1hr. 20min. on Oct. 1&2 in Brecht Festival (Japanese theatre company, Port B / Akira Takayama), Hamlet Machine (Heiner Müller) by Adults and Children (produced by SPAC Shizuoka Performing Arts Center in Japan), Madam Edwarda (George Bataille by Japanese traditional Marionette Theater Edo Ito Ayatsuri).
2012, 2013, Kawasaki collaborated with Turkish choreographer Aydin Teker, and made “db-ll-bass” sound, body, and instrument “db-ll-bass” is an attempt to construct a new creative sphere of performance, by reexamining the historical relationship between the body and a musical instrument — the contrabass — and extending both performance possibilities to the other. The piece was premiered in Istanbul, Turkey (Akbank Jazz festival), in October 2012. 2013 was played in Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama. His representative participation work was “sound migration” which is a contemporary music collaboration between Japan and Turkey by Japan Foundation. The performance in Istanbul was held as the opening in the Istanbul International Contemporary Dance & Performance Festival (iDANS). It will be an original act of creation that cuts off a slice of ‘now’, the present moment, where the migration of peoples is occurring on a global scale.
And, he has composed and played in a number of works of creation of traditional Japanese traditional dance by Senrei Nishikawa. And performed in many countries. Also, he was invited as a soloist of Dresdner Sinfoniker’s brand-new musical theater of the epic of Central Asia with composer Marc Sinan, and worked with traditional Central Asian musician from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan etc. He has joined as an active member in several projects of contemporary music, improvisational performance, and dance in many countries especially Turkey and Russia. Through those activities, he acquired new perspectives to create new international works that reconsider Asia from the view point on the border between Asia and Europe.
Since 2015 he was invited and start to organize Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory at Theater X, Tokyo. 2015 June, Jun kawasaki composed and Music and Poetic Drama Laboratory performed “ORPHANS AND STARS” and collaborated with Israel pianist. In this performance, musicians and actors perform 20 songs. Original texts of each song are mainly from Jewish poet Paul Celan’s pieces and Bertolt Brecht’s pieces. “The end does not end” was premiere for the 100th anniversary project of the birth of Tadeusz Kantor in 2015 at Theater X, Tokyo. He has performed in many countries and international music and dance festival, including the US, Russia, France, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania,Taiwan, Korea, Egypt, Hungry, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Armenia.

AYA (Butoh Dance)

Graduated from College of Art and Design in Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan. Studied modern ballet at the Ikuko Kanemitsu Buyoh Gakuen dance school in childhood. Then had deep interest for art, music and literature. As a university student, Aya created art works “Tokeru Shintai – Melted Body“ & “Hyousou Hyohonnbako – Signed Specimen Box” with her interest in man’s sense organ in festival or performance. Although her lineage is from Tatsumi Hijikata in Butoh or Saburo Teshigawara in contemporary dance, she joined the film “My Name is Hmmm…..” directed by agnès b. with Jonas Mekas, Antonio Negri, and Douglas Gordon.
At present, supervising a body workshop at Rakudo-An in Kanda, Tokyo & studying “Butoh” at the workshop “KAYOU KAI” by Tokyo based butoh dancer Mitsuyo Uesugi. Butoh: also initially inspired by rural lives and rituals of the common folk in the Northern part of Japan (home of the Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata) that was getting lost in centralized society with emphasis on economy.

CHOI JAE CHOL (Korean traditional drummer & dancer)

Korean drummer name is Changu. Born as a Japan-resident Korean in 1979. He has performed Nongak (Korean traditional music and folk dance) in various settings. Beyond the boundaries of tradition and contemporary music, he created collaboration with Butoh Dancer Min Tanaka, Japanese and Korean traditional music with Kiyohiko Semba, etc. He has a unique project “CHANGO WALK” drumming and walking from Tokyo to Korea, he has made the sound of the drum spreading in the nature echo. In 2016, he perfumed at the Sanriku International Art Festival and collaborated with Japanese folk horse dance (Enburi) and deer dance (Shishiodori). He composed and directed Nongak with pianist Masahiro Sayama in Kawasaki Jazz Festival.


Born in Istanbul, Saadet Türköz is a Kazakh-Turkish singer and composer who currently lives in Switzerland. She grew up in Istanbul, where she first worked as a journalist and translator. Türköz’s first recordings were influenced by the folk music of her homeland, East Turkestan; in recent years, her repertoire has widened to include improvised music and modern interpretations of Turkish and Kazakh music. In addition to solo performances, Türköz performs in duos, trios and larger, free improvising formations. She has played with Elliott Sharp, Okkyung Lee, Eyvind Kang, Carl Stone and Larry Ochs, among others, and performed with Paed Conca’s BLAST quintet.

SEVKET AKINCI (guitarist, composer, improviser, arranger, producer)

Şevket Akıncı has played, composed, and recorded in many musical styles from jazz, country, folk, and classical Turkish, to electronica, punk, and free improvisation. He has performed concerts in many countries with his ensembles and with many outstanding musicians. He has also composed scores for a variety of dance, film and theater projects. In 2005, with Korhan Erel, he founded Islak Köpek, Turkey’s oldest free improvisation group; and later created the avant garde Mutant project for seven guitarists. Currently, he gives concerts with Umut Çağlar’s Dead Country, Şenol Küçükyıldırım’sWeed projects, and with the Turkish-Dutch improvisation project IstanPOOL. A producer of the Şirin Soysal project, Şevket Akıncı is a lecturer at the Bahçeşehir Jazz School, and a radio programmer. He has also written a book of poetry, Hezeyan Sözlüğü.

SUMRU AGIRYURUYEN (singer, improviser, mandolinist)

From the 80’s on, Sumru Ağıryürüyen has sung in many projects and performances around the world in styles ranging from traditional to free improvisation. Her solo album, Issız/Solitude features many of her original song-compositions. She recently released a free improvisation album Sert Sessizler/Harsh Consonants with cellist Anıl Eraslan. Recordings with her former groups include two Balkan music albums (Ayde Mori, and Balkan Yolculuğu/Balkan Journey), and Klez-Mez, a klezmer and Sephardic music project. In 2010, she performed and directed programs with outstanding figures in innovative music at the international Ismet Sıral Creative Music Studio. She is also a composer of film scores, including the award- winning Sonbahar/Autumn directed by Özcan Alper. In addition, she is a radio programmer, and a translator of books such as The Little Prince.

ORCUN BASTURK (drummer, composer, song writer)

As a member of the out-of-the-mainstream music scene, Orçun Baştürk plays in many outstanding groups in Turkey: the avant-rock band Replikas, the recently established G.R.O.S. (Great Republic of South), and the ‘folk’n 9 beat and psychedelic Aegean music project’ Kırıka. Former groups with whom he has worked include Saska, and İstanbul Blues Kumpanyası. With his various ensembles he has recorded numerous albums and performed at many festivals all over the world. His solo works, ‘Chicken Pox Songs’ and ‘Various Recordings Vol. 1-2’ have been released on the internet under the name of Oichuung. He has composed many film and theater scores and played in many live interdisciplinary performances. As a film director, his short films have received awards and been shown at many festivals including the İstanbul and European film festivals. He is also a radio programmer.

Take the AID Train!
@ Kaset Mitanni !!!


Saat / Time : 20:30
Yer / Place : Kaset Mitanni
Adres / Address : Cihannüma Mah. Barbaros Bulvarı No:61/A Beşiktaş, Istanbul
Tel / Phone : (0212) 236 1652

TAKE THE AID TRAIN! Facebook Event link

Kaset Mitanni Facebook link

A.I.D. (Art Is Dead) Facebook Page

Gürültü ve Duman!

Take the AID Train Şevket Akıncı ve A.I.D (Art Is Dead)’in ortak etkinliğidir. Bir Özgür Müzik gecesi.

Çeşitli düetlerle ve sonradan katılmak isteyenlerle beraber çalacağımız bir özgür doğaçlama/ özgür caz/ Noise/ Deep listening, ambient Elektronik, Elektronik Ambient/ Fluxus/ Dada/ Ma/ Transeksüel Swing/ Çeşitli tempolarda susma müziği, What you name it gecesidir. Gönüllüler quartetlere katılabilir. Kazoo, Av Borusu, Balalayka, bisiklet, helikopter, Bazooka, çalmak serbest. (Iki saat Santur ve UFO Drum’dan emin değiliz) serial Halay ya da rastlantısal tango serbest. Take the ‘A’ Train’i mahvedeceğimiz anlar olabilir. Hepimizin sevdiği saydığı Billy Strayhorn’dan şimdiden özür diliyoruz. Open mike gecesi değildir Open Dyke’lar gelebilir. Bekleriz!

Giriş Ücreti / Entrance : 15 TL

A.I.D Room No:8 @ Yeşilçam Sineması !!!

170617 AID Room No8@YesilcamSinemasi

Saat / Time : 14:00 – 01:00
Yer / Place : Yeşilçam Sineması
Adres / Address : İmam Adnan Sokağı No:8, 34435 Taksim, Istanbul
Tel / Phone : (0212) 293 68 00

[TR] —scroll down for English—

AID Room herhangi bir tesiste (örn. okul, spor salonu, tamir atölyesi veya işgal evi) oluşturulabilen ve sanat gazileri veya müzikal hastalara, bir sonraki AID Fest’e kadar gerekli olan acil müdahalenin uygulanacağı bir tür ilkyardım odasıdır.

2015’de İstanbul’da kararlaştırılan mevzuata göre, AID Room’lar kolayca ulaşılabilir olmalı ve en az şu öğelere sahip olmalıdır:

ses kaynağı;
ses çıkış birimi;
kulak tıkacı, gerekli durumlar için;
vakaların kaydı ve yayımı için ses & görüntü kayıt ekipmanı;

A.I.D Room No:8

FILM SESSION (14:00 – 17:00)
“Sound Is Matter”, Anna Samsøe (DK)
“Mizafoni”, Volkan Ergen
Cabaret Ziba Özel Seans

LIVE SESSION (19:00 – 01:00)

Cihan Gülmez: tenor saksofon
Anıl Eraslan: çello
Şevket Akıncı: gitar, elektronikler
Çağrı Erdem: beden, elektronikler

Yurdal Çağlar: ud, gitar, elektronikler
Uğur Kırgız: trombon, no input mikser
Onur Başkurt: vurmalı, elektronikler

Robotik Hayaller

Volkan Ergen: vurmalı, elektronikler
Tarık Karakoç: saksofon

Orçun Baştürk
Ölmek için nereyi seçer serçeler?” isimli performansı gerçekleştirecektir.

Anamorf (DK)
Sesteki modülasyonlar ile çalışan müzisyen & sessel sanatçı. Anamorf’un abstrakt ses peyzajları ve çeşitli ritmik yapılar arasında seyreden performansında drone’dan techno’ya birçok elektronik janrı bulabilirsiniz.
Andreas Stoubye Johansen: modular synth, davul makinesi, vokal


RAW yaratıcılığı kendine özgü yöntemlerle ifade etmek için yola çıkmış bir ses ve görüntü grubudur. Kullandıkları ses ve görüntü ham maddelerini eş zamanlı olarak programlayarak (live-coding) canlı performansa dönüştüren ekip Selçuk ARTUT (Replikas) ve Alp TUĞAN’dan oluşmaktadır.

Canlı Görseller: Mehmet Ömür, Anıl Çelik



AID Room may be a room in an establishment (e.g. a school, sports venue, repair shop or squad) to which someone who is artistically injured or taken musically ill on the premises can be taken for first aid and to await the arrival of the upcoming AID Fest.

According to guidance issued in 2015 in Istanbul, AID Room should be clearly signposted, easily accessible and contain:

sound source;
sound output;
earplugs, if necessary;
audio & video recording equipment for recording incidents and streaming purposes;

A.I.D Room No:8

FILM SESSION (14:00 – 17:00)
“Sound Is Matter”, Anna Samsøe (DK)
“Mizafoni”, Volkan Ergen
Cabaret Ziba Özel Seans

LIVE SESSION (19:00 – 01:00)

Cihan Gülmez: tenor sax
Anıl Eraslan: cello
Şevket Akıncı: guitar, electronics
Çağrı Erdem: body, electronics

Yurdal Çağlar: oud, guitar, electronics
Uğur Kırgız: trombone, no input mixer
Onur Başkurt: percussion, electronics

Robotik Hayaller

Volkan Ergen: percussion, electronics
Tarık Karakoç: sax

Orçun Baştürk
He is going to perform the piece called; “Ölmek için nereyi seçer serçeler?”

Anamorf (DK)
Andreas Stoubye Johansen: Modular System, Drum Machine, Vocals
Musician & sound artist working with modulations in sound. In the field between abstract
soundscapes and structured rythmic patterns Anamorf performs a set that is always changing. With
a modular system he create fragments of all kinds of electronic genres, from drone to techno.

RAW is a live coding duo (Selcuk ARTUT, Alp TUĞAN) creating Audio Visual Performances.

Live Visuals: Mehmet Ömür, Anıl Çelik


Islak Köpek @ Moers Festival – Moers/Germany


Saat / Time : 18:30
Yer / Place : Moerser Musikschule / Moerser Music School
Adres / Address : Musikschule Moers, Filder Str. 126, Moers, Berlin/Germany
Telefon / Phone : +49 2841 1334

Moers Festival Event link

Sevket Akinci : Electric Guitar
Korhan Erel : Electronics
Giray Gürkal : Electric Guitar
Robert Reigle : Tenor Sax
Dirk Stromberg : Phallophone

Matthias Mainz & Friends
@ Kaset Mitanni !!!

290517 Matthias Mainz & Friends @ Kaset Mitanni

Saat / Time : 21:30
Yer / Place : Kaset Mitanni
Adres / Address : Cihannüma Mah. Barbaros Bulvarı No:61/A Beşiktaş, Istanbul
Tel / Phone : (0212) 236 1652

Kaset Mitanni Facebook link

Facebook Event Link

Matthias Mainz: Piano&Electronics
Sumru Ağıryürüyen: Vocals& Mandolin
Orçun Baştürk: Drums
Serhan Erkol: Saxophone& Ney
Şevket Akıncı: Guitar

3 years later, we met again for some improvised sounds and beyond.

Bi’ Şarkım Var! Sezon Finali
@ Kaset Mitanni !!!

280517_BiSarkimVarSezonFinali@Kaset Mitanni

Saat / Time : 21:30
Yer / Place : Kaset Mitanni
Adres / Address : Cihannüma Mah. Barbaros Bulvarı No:61/A Beşiktaş, Istanbul
Tel / Phone : (0212) 236 1652

Kaset Mitanni Facebook link

Facebook Event Link

Kaset Mitanni Facebook Event Link

Başak Yavuz ve Ceyda Özbaşarel Gülşen’in hazırladığı şarkı yazarları açık sahnesi “bi’ şarkım var!“, 4. sezonuna devam ediyor.

Katılmak isteyen şarkı yazarlarının adresine iki şarkılarını göndermeleri yeterli.

Amatör veya profesyonel olarak her stilden şarkıyla katılabilirsiniz.

Take the AID Train!
@ Kaset Mitanni !!!

250517 TakeTheAIDTrain@KasetMitanni

Saat / Time : 21:00
Yer / Place : Kaset Mitanni
Adres / Address : Cihannüma Mah. Barbaros Bulvarı No:61/A Beşiktaş, Istanbul
Tel / Phone : (0212) 236 1652

TAKE THE AID TRAIN! Facebook Event link

Kaset Mitanni Facebook link

A.I.D. (Art Is Dead) Facebook Page

Gürültü ve Duman!
Take the AID Train Şevket Akıncı ve A.I.D (Art Is Dead)’in ortak etkinliğidir. Bir Özgür Müzik gecesi.

CUMA 12 MAYIS 2017
EarAfter? @ Space Debris Art !!!

120517 Earafter!@SpaceDebrisArts

Yer / Place : Space Debris Art
Zaman / Time : 20:30
Telefon / Phone : (0212) 244 21 31
Adres / Address : Kemankeş Mahallesi Hoca Tahsin Sokak No:15/1 kat 1 Beyoğlu – Istanbul

Facebook Event page

“EarAfter? Kulağınız neyin peşinden gidiyor?”
[Please scroll down for English text]

‘EarAfter?’ gitarist Çağrı Erdem’le birlikte akvaryumda yüzen iki kayıp ruh edasıyla kulağını arayan yek bir sese dönüştüğümüz döngü’nün adıdır.”
Şevket Akıncı

Sevgili Şenol Küçükyıldırım’ın “what does your ear go after?” (kulağınız neyin peşinden gidiyor?) şeklindeki sorgusundan esinlenerek ortaya çıkmış olan “EarAfter?” için, bir çok farklı projeden de tanıdığımız Şevket Akıncı ve Çağrı Erdem’in müzik, özgürlük, rastlantısallık, doğaçlama, iletişim gibi kavramları ve hatta kavramsallığın kendisini, ses ekseninde sorgulamaya koyuldukları bir arayış projesidir desek pek de yanlış olmaz. İkilinin müziğini, köklerinin bağlı olduğu özgür doğaçlamadan sıyırıp kısaca eklektik olarak tanımlayabiliriz; gitarlar, insan sesi, oyuncaklar, kontrol arabirimleri, çeşitli analog ve dijital ekipmanlar ile, özellikle hiçbir plan ve ön hazırlık olmaksızın, sadece kulaklarının peşinden gittiği sesleri icra ediyorlar.


“‘EarAfter?’ is the name of the loop where we are transforming into a sound in a sole body looking for its ear so much like a ‘two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl’.” (Şevket Akıncı)

It would not be wrong if we describe EarAfter? as a duo odyssey of Şevket Akıncı and Çağrı Erdem where, in fact, concepts like music, freedom, randomness, improvisation, communication and the conceptualism itself are being questioned in a sonic way, such that it met its name upon the questionnaire of Dear Şenol Küçükyıldırım (What does your ear go after?). We can shortly identify their musical output “eclectic” instead of “free improvisation” where their music is actually based on; especially without any spadework, they are performing only and solely the sounds that “their ears go after” by guitars, voice, toys, controllers and several analog and digital equipment.


100517_Cease Sorrowes Now @ ITU MIAM

Zaman : 20:30
Yer : Maçka
Tel : (212) 2471733
Adres : ITU Macka Kampusu, buy MIAM Ilhan Usmanbas Hall

MIAM Websitesi


Dengbej Şakir – traditional songs

Hoca Nasreddin – improvised music

Nikolai Galen : voice
Robert Reigle : Tenor saxohpone
Serkan Şener : Kaval

Vocalists: Buğra Giritlioğlu, Burak Onur Erdem, Robin Foggo, Fulya Çelikel Soğancı, Zeynep Eren Kovankaya, Burak Demirkan, Berat Aybars, Kimberley Bowen Çolakoğlu

Orlando Gibbons,“The Silver Swan”

Giacinto Scelsi, “Pater Noster”
Thomas Weelkes, “Cease Sorrowes Now”

Islak Köpek members – improvised music

Şevket Akıncı : Guitar
Gülşah Erol : Cello
Robert Reigle & Volkan Terzioğlu : Tenor saxophones

“Escher Chronicles” albümü
A.K. Müzik’den çıktı !!!

Escher Chronicles 2017 AK Muzik

Albümü nereden alınabilir :

Where to buy the album :


MEPHISTO Kitabevi / MEPHISTO Bookstore

LALE Plak / LALE Plak Record store

A.K. Müzik yazısı

INTO THE VOID Albüm yazısı / INTO THE VOID Album Review

Neredeyse iki yıldır üzerine çalışmış olduğum Escher Chronicles nihayet çıktı!

Sevdiğiniz müzik marketlerde (D&R, Mephisot, Lale Plak gibi), iTunes‘da, Spotify‘da bulabilirsiniz!

Escher Chronicles” ismini verdiğim çalışmam, Hollandalı ressam M. C. Escher’in resim, gravür ve yontmalarından esinlenerek ortaya çıkan ve oda orkestrası için yazdığım bir kompozisyon bütünüdür.

Escher evrenin sırlarını sadece makro düzeyde değil, mikro düzeyde de bulabileceğimizi bizlere görsel yollarla anlatıp, duyguyla zihin arasında neredeyse mükemmel bir denge oluşturup, karşıtlıkları aynı potada eriten bir sanatçı olarak, merakımı ve hayal gücümü tetikledi. Escher’in eserlerindeki harekette, yatay, dikey veya döngüsel bir zaman görebiliriz. Dikey olarak çizdiği motiflerde bir kontrpuan (yatay çok sesleme sistemi), yatay olarak tekrar eden motiflerde ise bir ritm seziyorum. Escher’in çoğu eserinde de mevcut olan bu iki öğe – ritm ve kontrpuan – kompozisyonlarımda en çok önem verdiğim iki özelliktir. Barok dönem ve 20. yüzyılda Steve Reich , Philip Glass veya Terry Riley gibi minimalist bestecilerin eserlerinde de bu iki müzikal öğe son derece önemlidir. İşte tam bu noktada yarattığı mekansal sanatın, müzik gibi zamansal bir sanatta vücut bulabilecek olması bana yola çıkma cesareti verdi.

Çok zorlu ama bir o kadar keyifli olan bu çalışmadaki amacım, Escher’in yaptığı gibi, gerçek zamanı manipüle ederek, psikolojik bir zaman yaratmak ve algıdaki göreceliliğe müzik yoluyla dokunmaya çalışmaktı.

“Escher Chronicles” Hakkında Neler Söylediler?

SERDAR ATEŞER (Müzisyen, prodüktör)
Dinlediğim müziklerde beni tavlayan, aranjmanda duyulmayan ama ustaca hissettirilmiş, ucundan gösterilip verilmemiş şeylerdir çoğu zaman …Bunu yapabiliyorsa, bana hayal kurdurabiliyor, kafamı dans ettirebiliyor demektir. Şevket Akıncı’nın Escher ‘yorumları’ tamamen böyle etkiler yaptı bende. Bazen belli melodik ya da ritmik öğeleri elime geçirdiğim herhangi bir enstrümanla vurgulayarak eşlik edip ‘olaya katılmak’, bazen de hiçbir şey yapmayıp kafamda Esher’in bu müzikler eşliğinde yapılabilecek animasyon filmlerini gözümün önüne getirmek istedim. Bu müziği şu veya bu şekilde yaşamak,içinde olmak isteği duydum.Yani,aslında bu türden bir çok eserin bende pek uyandırmadığı bir şeyi hissettim. Peki hangi tür? Evet, 20.yüzyıl klasik müziğindeki ‘minimalizm’ bu belki ama, Şevket Akıncı’nın düpedüz duyulur hale getirdiği o dehliz ve koridorlarda ordan bir Mike Oldfield burdan bir Steven Wilson ya da Neil Peart belirip kayboluyor gibi de geldi bana…

AYDIN ESEN (Müzisyen, besteci)
Şevket Akıncı is one of the most gifted musicians of our times… His music, as a player or a writer, reflects all the important areas of the past and future that a modern artist is in touch with… Researched and applied carefully by Akıncı who’s certainly going to be an important figure for young generations too… Whether in classical or jazz, these musical issues are understood and dealt with nicely, openly and also with kind spirit… All we must do is to be there for talents like him, support them fully as we can. I certainly will always be there cheering for any good stuff anywhere and Şevket’s music is surely will be one of them !…

ALPER MARAL (Müzisyen, besteci, akademisyen)
Modernizm’in dayatmacı retoriğine karşı daha yumuşak, barışçıl, ve çabasız alımlanabilecek sayısız yapıt 21. yy eşiğinde üretildi, hâlâ da üretiliyor. Benim müzikte en önemsediğim değerler tutarlılık ve samimiyet. Bunlar da Şevket Akıncı’nın parçalarına nüfuz etmiş duyuluyor; kaldı ki Escher bağıntısını; “sarmal” ve “geçişgenlik” imgelerini görsellerine oldukça koşut duysallıklarla karşılamış; Şevket Akıncı’nın ECSHER CHRONICLES adlı yapıtları Escher’in paradoksal geometrisini ve imgeler arası geçişgenlik modlarını duysal öğelerle karşılayarak iki yapıt alanının (görsel ve duysal alanların) ilişkilendirilmelerine; ötesinde alımlanmalarına başarıyla hizmet eden, disiplinleri temiz bir deyiş ve yumuşak bir imlâyla buluşturan, tutarlı ve samimî çalışmalar.

NISAN AK (Orkestra şefi, besteci)
I love how it shifts moods like it’s jumping between centuries. Very well written, very well produced. Kudos Şevket Akıncı, Orhun Orhon and Hezarfen Ensemble.

ERAY AYTİMUR (Müzik yazarı)
Bakınız yine söylüyorum Sevket Akinci’nın Escher Chronicles albümünün dünya minimal+caz-serbest doğaçlama tarihinde çok mühim yeri olmalı.


“Escher Chronicles” is out now !

Dear friends and supporters,

“Escher Chronicles” is a series of compositions inspired by Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s prints, engravings and woodcuts. I have had the privilege to record with one of Turkey’s best contemporary chamber orchestras, Hezarfen Ensemble. The work contemplates such concepts as depth, relativity, metamorphosis.

As you may guess, in Turkey or elsewhere very little budget – or most of the times none at all is reserved for classical music of experimental / contemporary nature. “Escher Chronicles” is one of them. Since a higher number of musicians, higher number of recording, mixing and mastering hours was needed to complete a work of this nature. Now the album has finaly surfaced, and you can buy it from D&R shops or A.K. Music.


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